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The Best Online Resources for Endometriosis Care

by Michelle Iracheta

As a nonprofit organization and an endometriosis education community, The Endometriosis Foundation is often asked where one can find expert doctors and treatment for endometriosis care. One of our goals as an organization is to provide reliable, accurate information to those battling endometriosis. For patients who have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis, it can be a struggle wading through a sea of misinformation that national organizations and even doctors disseminate. That's why our board founded the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston.

Our purpose is to serve the greater Houston area, but our community and endometriosis awareness has spread across the world. We've put together an extensive list of resources of online support communities, books, doctors, and downloadable information specifically for patients looking for accurate endometriosis facts. The endometriosis community that disperses factual, scientific knowledge about endometriosis is small. But, we have banded together to tame the spread of inaccuracy prevailing in our community.

While there is only a small quantity of expert excision specialists in the United States and sometimes access to them can be limited, there are other ways to manage your endometriosis. Unfortunately, there are currently no medications that can treat or cure endometriosis, despite what some organizations and doctors will tell you. Endometriosis can be removed by an excision specialist, but the skill of the surgeon matters. If all endo is not removed at the time of surgery, symptoms will persist. There are also some ways to help manage endometriosis symptoms.

The Endometriosis Foundation of Houston has also put together a glossary of common terms used in endometriosis education, which we believe will help patients who are looking for advice.

Below is a list of helpful links for you to get started.

Michelle Iracheta is an EFHou founder.

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