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Ambassador Program

The Endometriosis Foundation of Houston is always searching for unique ways to support the Houston endometriosis community and now you can help by being a member of our team. We are looking for ambassadors from across the greater Houston area. There is a lot of work ahead of us, and now more than ever, we must work together to achieve these goals.


What is the EFHou Ambassador Program?


The EFHou Ambassador Program is a way for our supporters to get more involved in helping EFHou support the endometriosis community and shape the future of endometriosis awareness, education, and care in the greater Houston area.


An EFHou Ambassador is someone who is a trailblazer in advocating for awareness, education, and care around the condition. This person may be someone who has personally experienced endometriosis and is taking an active role in sharing their story, raising awareness, and advocating for improved treatments and support for others living with the condition.


What does the Ambassador Program entail?


Stay informed


Each month we will hold a community forum meeting open to all ambassadors. In this meeting we will provide updates on EFHou initiatives and how you can help support them. Every ambassador will also have the opportunity to ask questions and also present related events that they are involved with.

How we expect an EFHou Ambassador to contribute


Social Media Ambassador Spread the word about our mission and how early diagnosis makes a positive impact on endovidual lives. Use #efhou on social media posts to draw people to the mission.

Community Outreach Ambassador Engage with the community and promote the organization's mission and values. Hand out EFHou info material to anyone interested in helping endoviduals.

Community Fundraising Ambassador There are a couple of ways you can help: 1) Create your own local or online fundraising event. You know your local community better than we do. What event can you organize that will attract your friends and family? We will provide you with the promotional and informational material to make it a huge success. 2) Find and retain donors: Our programs are supported entirely by donations. Donors who can contribute on a regular basis are especially appreciated.



Ready to make a difference in your community? Fill out our Ambassador application form to get started.


Look for opportunities to communicate EFHou’s mission with your audience by using your social media platform, doing community outreach, or fundraising. 


Together, we can raise awareness about endometriosis and help Houstonians have access to a timely diagnosis and effective treatments for endometriosis.

Ready to Apply?


Why should I be an EFHou Ambassador?

Our Ambassador program is a great opportunity to further EFHou’s work through your network and your chance to help fellow Houstonaians get the resources they need! Ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness and donations throughout the year.

How does the program work?

After you’ve completed our application form and have been onboarded, you’ll be invited to participate, share and promote a variety of campaigns focused on awareness and fundraising. 

How long do I need to commit?

We value your time and support, and we understand that EFHou will be a small part of your social media content, community, and fundraising network. To help us plan our campaigns effectively, we respectfully request that Ambassadors commit to participating for a year. Participants are invited to re-apply yearly.

Are there any incentives for an EFHou Ambassador?

We offer the following incentives to our dedicated Ambassadors:

List your name on our website

Be recognized on our social media, newsletter, blogs


Free admission to EFHou's paid events

Discounts for EFHou merchandise

Who can be an Ambssador for EFHou?

Any individual living in Texas who is at least 18 years old or older can apply to be an EFHou Ambassador.

I still have more questions.

Feel free to email us at or join us on August 12th for our launch party!

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