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Why support EFHou?

EFHou believes that every person who suffers from endometriosis deserves proper and effective treatment and care. By supporting EFHou, you empower our community to:

RETHINK ENDO. Endometriosis is plagued by stigma, myths, and misinformation. Patients are often left feeling silenced, invalidated, and hopeless. When you support EFHou, you can trust that the community is learning factual information about the disease in a supportive environment. This is crucial to giving patients a voice and helping them pursue the best options for their care.

BREAK THE CYCLE. A disease that’s been described as more painful than childbirth, that’s one of the leading causes of gynecologic hospitalization, and is nearly as prevalent as diabetes in women shouldn’t be a mystery to the medical community and shouldn’t take up to 10 years or longer to diagnose.

BE THE CHANGE. Patients should not face surgery after surgery or treatment failure after failure. By supporting us, you are an ally in the fight for better care for your fellow Houstonians. You are declaring your support for the 200 million people worldwide suffering from endometriosis. By helping us promote expert care, you are giving an individual the chance to complete their studies, pursue a fulfilling career, or even have a family. You are giving them a chance to get their life back.

Where do your donations go to?

With your generous support, we can provide the following:

  • Host in-person and virtual educational and social community events

  • Attend conferences and workshops regarding endometriosis education and policies 

  • Expand our outreach efforts to marginalized, underrepresented and underinsured communities

  • Create and distribute educational pamphlets and flyers to providers and patients 

  • Curate educational books about endometriosis

As we grow, we intend to expand other programs to serve the Greater Houston community.


Others ways to support EFHou

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Supporting EFHou is easy. For every purchase you make, AmazonSmile will donate toward Endometriosis Foundation of Houston!  

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Facebook Fundraiser

You can easily create a fundraiser for the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston. Share it with supporters and encourage them to help you raise money on Facebook.

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