Healing Hou: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Scholarship Program
Application and Guidelines

Please submit the following REQUIRED documents along with this completed application:


Do not send originals. The EFHou office will not photocopy and return any documents.

REQUIRED - Personal story: We want to know your journey with endometriosis (250-500 words). Where are you now with your endo journey? We want to know who you are – hobbies, profession, family history, why you would be a worthy candidate. You are encouraged to tell the committee why you think you need a scholarship and they should present the opportunity to you.


REQUIRED – Copy of most recent household tax return.


REQUIRED – Copy of the last two pay stubs, or a handwritten letter from your employer. If self-employed, please provide a self-employment letter confirming occupation type and monthly gross income. If unemployed, a copy of any financial award letters from disability, social security, or unemployment offices.


REQUIRED – Copy of government issued identification.


REQUIRED – Application form: The entire application form herein, including release form and compliance form. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


DEADLINE: Applications must be received by EFHou by the deadline date of January 31, 2022. No late submissions accepted.


Once you have completed the application, please email us at healinghou@gmail.com with subject line “Request for Application Link” and we will send you a secure link to submit the application and required documents via Dropbox.


Note that we do not accept applications submitted via fax, email or mail. We strongly suggest that you retain a copy of your submission for your records. Please black out/redact your social security number from all documents. 

For questions regarding the Healing Hou PFPT Scholarship Program: Alison Landolt, Program Services Director healinghou@gmail.com.

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