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Meet the EFHou Board

by EFHou Staff

In the past three months, the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston has taken endometriosis awareness to the next level.

We have invited top doctors and other endo experts from across the country to take part in our Tea Talks (formerly Coffee Talks) to give our community accurate, science-based information. Dozens of people have taken part in our mini-conferences and have given us positive feedback.

We have also launched a monthly newsletter to further promote our cause and mission. We hope you subscribe to it, so you can keep up-to-date on all the exciting new developments and events we have planned this year.

Our board is entirely volunteer-based. Our mission is to raise awareness of endometriosis and related diseases and improve the quality of life of those affected by it. While EFHou's mission was originally intended to meet the greater Houston area's needs, our message has reached a worldwide audience.

But why do we do it?

We tell you in the photos below.


If you have something to share or you're interested in submitting a blog post, please reach out to EFHou by emailing us at We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories with you in 2021.

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