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If you think you have endometriosis, there are specialists who can help you get an accurate diagnosis, proper treatment, rule out other related conditions, and manage common comorbidities. 

Texas Excision Surgeons


Dr. John Dulemba, Denton, TX

(940) 387-6248


Dr. Devin Garza, Austin, TX

(512) 681-5040


Dr. Xiaoming Guan, Houston, TX

(832) 826-7500

Dr. Rachel Haverland, Dallas, TX

(972) 993-2290

Dr. Kimberly Kho, Dallas, TX

(214) 645-3888


Dr. Anthony O’Connell, Dallas, TX

(972) 566-8666

Dr. Jessica Shields, Dallas, TX

(214) 645-3888

Oklahoma Excision Surgeons

Dr. Darren Goff, Oklahoma City, OK 

405-242-4030 opt 4

To find a specialist outside of Texas, try talking with the moderators and members of the below Facebook groups:

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