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Share your story to our Faces of Endo campaign

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

by Michelle Iracheta

Good news endo warriors! Our "Faces of Endo" campaign has launched, and you now have the chance to share your story far and wide!

Share your struggles, your truths and your triumphs - everything you've experienced as a person with endometriosis. We want to know all the details. Have you lost your job? Have your relationships suffered? Have you been told your endo was caused by sleeping with demons? Are you unable to conceive? Did you have a really heavy period for the majority of your life only to be told by your doctor that it was normal? Then we want to hear from you!

During our last "Faces of Endo" campaign run, we heard from women who'd suffered from endo for decades with little or no treatment; women who've had multiple surgeries; women who always knew something was wrong but were always dismissed.

And now it's your turn. For more information and to submit your story, go here. Be sure to includes photos and any relevant details.

These stories may be made into individual videos that may be shared on our website, social pages, newsletters and other marketing materials. The idea is to spread the word about what it's like living with endometriosis, while curbing the spread of misinformation.

Michelle Iracheta is an EFHou cofounder.

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