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Get to know us: EFHou Board Member Interview

In honor of 5 years as a nonprofit, each board member of EFHou was asked to reflect on their personal journey with endometriosis and share insights gained from their involvement with EFHou.

Our History 

Founded in 2018, the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston began when six women struggling with endometriosis believed that their battle could create a positive change in Houston for others who were also affected by the disease.Through community events, a growing online support group and a few fundraisers, the founding members turned their pain into purpose and established the first and only Houston-based endometriosis nonprofit.

Our Mission

The mission of the Endometriosis Foundation of Houston (EFHou) is to raise awareness about endometriosis and related conditions, and to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by this disease in the greater Houston area. We strive to be Houston’s trusted partners in endometriosis awareness, advocacy, education, support, fundraising, and research.

Our Vision

Every Houstonian have access to a timely diagnosis and effective treatments for endometriosis.

What inspired you to start a non-profit for endometriosis

After struggling with endometriosis for over 22 years without a proper diagnosis, I was determined to ensure others didn't have to face the same unjust and frustrating experience.

When I attended the screening of "Endo What?" in 2017, I was inspired to take action and do something to address the unmet needs of the endometriosis community. Meeting the other passionate founders who shared my drive was the catalyst I needed. 

Together, we embarked on the painstaking but incredibly rewarding journey of starting a non-profit organization.

-Maria Mamora, Chairwoman & Co-founder

Through the years, what has been the most rewarding experience you've had with EFHou?Hearing from people who have benefitted from us as an organization, whether that be support, our scholarship, finding a specialist, etc. Knowing that we have helped even one person is incredibly rewarding.

- Melissa Persia, Fundraising and Development & Co-founder

What is something you wish more people knew about endometriosis?

I wish more people understood how much impact endometriosis has on productivity and economy. Endometriosis is not just a Women's  issue.

 - Etni Flores, Director of Community Outreach Programs & Co-founder 

Where do you hope to see EFHou's impact on the Greater Houston Area in the next 5 years?

I want our community to know so much accurate information about endometriosis that they don't need us in 5 years! Is that too much to hope for? I would love to see a self-sustaining community of "each one teach one" (channelling Heather Guidone, endo advocate extraordinaire).

-Alison Landolt, President and Co-founder 

Any advice for those wanting to become more involved in spreading awareness for endometriosis? 

My biggest piece of advice for becoming more involved is to join efforts already advocating and spreading awareness for endo. There is power in numbers, and it takes a community to make lasting change. We all have different stories, knowledge, and talents that can be used to reach our goals of spreading awareness and educate others on endometriosis. From sharing social media posts, attending events, or becoming an EFHou Ambassador, there are many routes one's story and talents can be used to become and stay involved. 

-Jill Stokes, Director of Communications and Marketing 

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