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Feed Me Friday: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Warm Honey Glaze

by Alison Landolt

TLDR: Make this. You don't need butter. Eat your veggies.


In Beating Endo Dr. Iris and Dr. Amy suggest filling your diet with leafy greens and cruciferous veggies to help metabolize excess estrogen.

Cruciferous veggies can get a bad rep' so we're starting with our favorite brussels sprouts recipe from Bon Appétit Magazine (with a few tweaks to make it endo-friendlier, see notes below). Try it and let us know what you think! Here is the link.

Recipe Notes: 1. Omit the butter. Trust us. You do not need it! No need to sub anything. Just leave it out. 2. This recipes calls for honey. Honey is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, but it's still sugar at the end of the day, so eat it in moderation. Also, this is the time to buy GOOD, local honey. You want honey that is PURE, raw, and unfiltered, not full of fake fillers. Sorry, store-brand honey bear; you just don't cut it. 3. Yes, you do have to preheat your pan, like the recipe says. It's the difference between deliciously crisp sprouts and mush. Do not be afraid of some char on the sprouts. It's flavor. 4. Leave the brussels sprouts on the cookie sheet after they cook. No need to wash an extra dish. Start by adding half the glaze. You don't need all of it. Store leftover glaze in a container in the fridge for up to 2 days and reheat for your next roasted veg.

Alison Landolt is an EFHou founder.

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