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Taking Care Of Self: Holidays and Beyond

by Bianca Asteris, LCSW

Editor’s Note: The Endometriosis Foundation of Houston has invited guest bloggers to share their work, expert opinions and thoughts with our endo community as a part of our Coffee Talk Series. These "coffee talks" cover a wide range of health topics meant to educate and inform our community. For more information, visit


This year will be different for us all, a year where boundaries will also look different due to the evolving situation with politics and the pandemic.

This year, boundaries might be needed more than ever because of differences of opinion in our families. Protecting yourself and your loved ones are paramount. Hopefully, we can focus on connection and having good tidings in the form of caring for one another.

It is OK to protect yourself, and by doing this, we are essentially protecting those we love by having these boundaries.

We are allowed to create and make choices. It's OK to acknowledge these may not be fun choices and to recognize that this holiday might look a little different. It might be helpful to reframe these decisions as empowering; decisions that help you take care of yourself and your loved ones during the 2020 holidays.

When boundaries come into play, many people consider the boundaries they have with others, but not necessarily the boundaries with themselves. This might be a great time to get in touch with these self boundaries by asking questions such as, how I take care of myself and connect to healthy coping skills? Creating a healthy boundary is in itself a problem-focused coping skill.

Prioritize self-care and recognize that this is OK. Self-care is absolutely important, particularly during the holidays when it might feel that we're being pulled in different directions.

Self-care involves being proactive by creating time for yourself. It can range from going on a morning walk/ jog, a yoga session, breathing techniques, having a calming bubble bath to creating a quiet, uninterrupted moment for yourself. Self-care can also involve connecting with friends.

Friendly reminder: Self-care is not all or nothing focus. A little can go a long way. Feel free to get creative. Take an online art class, color in a coloring book time, or get a fun winter wonderland manicure.

Take care of yourself and recognize you are important because you certainly are. Try to look beyond the expectations of what the holidays should be and create what is possible at this time for yourself and others.


Bianca Asteris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 10 years of experience in the field. In 2005, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Healthcare Administration. She has a Master’s degree from the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work (Go Coogs!).

Over the past ten years, Asteris has had the opportunity to work in many different settings, working with individuals and families who have a variety of personal issues such as depression/anxiety, stress, family problems, trauma/abuse, addiction, chronic health concerns, relationships/parenting and more.

For more information on coping with the holidays, visit Bianca's Coffee Talk event here.

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