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Raising awareness about endometriosis in the Greater Houston area.


The Endometriosis Foundation of Houston's (EFHou) Rethink Endo initiative serves our community in new ways by focusing on one goal: Break the Cycle.


We will raise awareness by: 

  1. Debunking the myths of endometriosis; and

  2. Encouraging individuals to be more open about their symptoms

Help us raise awareness by joining our community. Follow us on social media, and then share our info with everyone you know. Attend one of our monthly social events and meet one of the thousands of individuals affected by this disease. Consider donating your time or money to EFHou. Together, we can Rethink Endo!


Endometriosis Awareness Starts Here

Despite global awareness efforts, we still see too many medical students graduating today who know very little about endometriosis. Since endometriosis is a common, whole-body chronic disease, which can affect many parts of the body besides the reproductive tract, all disciplines of medicine must be taught to recognize potential symptoms & refer patients to a specialist when endometriosis and/or adenomyosis is suspected.

Dr. Camran Nezhat

Founder, Worldwide Endomarch

Make a Change

Empower the
Greater Houston Area Community


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