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The Planner

What is the Eighty-Six the Endo Planner?

The Eighty-Six the Endo Weekly Planner has been made with the intention to help you thrive in all aspects of life! This planner combines the valuable use of a traditional planner with the benefits of a wellness planner. It can help you track your symptoms, which may help identify physical triggers, dietary triggers, or other triggers that increase your pain. This is especially helpful when medical or surgical treatment options are not financially doable or a good fit for your current life phase.  

Not only will this planner help you stay accountable to your own health, but it has been developed in a way that will help your healthcare provider understand your daily pain and symptoms. Meaning, this planner is meant to be taken to medical appointments! 

I have full faith in the Eighty-Six the Endo Weekly Planner and its ability to bring value to your life as you try to thrive in all aspects of life (personal, family, career, school, etc)!

Eighty-Six the Endo Weekly Planner Printable Includes:

  • Emergency Medical Information page- just in case!

  • Medical History & Medications pages- to help you remember the important things. 

  • Monthly Spreads- because they are a must. 

  • Monthly Charting Systems to aid your Healthcare Providers- the GOLD of this planner!

  • Monthly Income and Bills Tracker- because the brain fog is real. 

  • Vertical Weekly Spreads- because they are the best! 

  • Daily trackers for meds, hydration, and meals- to keep you accountable and empowered!  

  • And so much more! 



  • This is a printable only

  • Print on standard copy paper size: 8.5″ W x 11″ H

  • PDF color document download

  • Printer Friendly for greyscale printing

  • Compatible with digital apps like Notability and Goodnotes

  • 210 pages

  • Non-Refundable



Thank you to our partner 

How to use the planner

Check out this great video guide on how to use the planner! Our talented intern, Jill Stokes, made it, so you know it's easy to follow.

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