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Reclaim your hormones in 28 days with new book

by Jenna Longoria (FDN-P), The Period Guru

Editor’s Note: The Endometriosis Foundation of Houston has invited guest bloggers to share their work, expert opinions, and thoughts with our endo community. This post is an invitation to purchase a new ebook designed to help manage hormones. If you have something to share and you're interested in submitting a blog post, please reach out to EFHou by emailing us at


As women, we operate on an approximately 28-day cycle, unlike the linear 24-hour male cycle we've all been told we must mold ourselves into. We are not expected to perform, think, or feel the same each day. And that's OK!

Our female biochemistry actually proves it.

Throughout the month our hormones naturally ebb and flow depending on what phase of the menstrual cycle we are in. When are hormones are balanced they sound like a symphony in tune, but when even one is out of tune symptoms can manifest.

Since our hormones fluctuate throughout the month, it’s important we work with our bodies so we can put bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and pain behind us.

Our energy levels, appetite, sex drive, and moods aren’t going to be the same every day of the month, and learning how to support our bodies with the right activities and food during each phase will help us live in harmony with our hormones instead of feeling powerless.

I know it sometimes seems that we’re victims of our hormones. As someone with endometriosis, I felt like a victim for years. But it’s possible to shift the narrative and become an active participant in our hormone journey. And this journey begins with charting our menstrual cycle and synching our life to each of the four phases. We call this cycle synching.

With awareness of our hormone levels throughout the month, we will be empowered with the intuitive knowledge on how to support our bodies with the right food, exercise, and activities at each phase of our cycle in order to ensure our emotional and physical bodies are fully supported. By understanding our own unique menstrual cycle we can work with it in order to use our hormones to our advantage.

Trust me, working against our cycle results in frustration, fatigue, and hormone chaos. But when we work with your body’s innate internal wisdom, we’ll notice life flows much easier! Pun intended!

But getting started just feels overwhelming.

How do you figure out which phase you’re in? Which foods will be helpful? And how do you make sure you’re doing this right? I know the learning curve feels intimidating because it once was intimidating for me, too.

And yet it’s essential to figure this out because we deserve to stop suffering and start living the balanced, energetic life we were created for. Look, I realize cycle synching alone is not all it will take to put all endometriosis symptoms into remission, but it will certainly set the foundation and create the environment for the healing journey to take place.

Here’s the good news: It’s not difficult to get your hormones playing together like a symphony. You just need a little knowledge, a clear plan, and someone to tell you what to do when.

That's why I’ve created this clear, easy-to-follow eBook with all the details you need to be successful. It's called The Period Solution: 28-Day Hormone Balancing Plan. Consider it your comprehensive step-by-step guide to achieving balanced hormones and healthier periods. It’s got everything you need to start reclaiming your health and feeling better yesterday, including: The 5 foundations of hormone balance and how to identify the phases of our menstrual cycle so we always know what the body needs. Meal planning guides for each phase of our cycle with ready-made shopping lists, weekly meal planning guides, and printable recipes Tools to support your progress like a printable weekly progress tracker recommended apps, and simple lifestyle tips for happy hormones. If you’re willing to do the work and show up for yourself by implementing these steps, you could be in a radically different place with your health just 28 days from now.

Get your copy of the book here. The EFHou community receives a $5 off coupon.

Jenna Longoria aka The Period Guru is a board-certified functional nutrition practitioner specializing in women’s hormones. She was listed by The Huffington Post as one of the top 20 new health writers to follow in 2017. Her work has been featured in Mind Body Green, NBC, The Elephant Journal, SXSW and she is the author of The Period Solution: 28-Day Hormone Balancing Guide.

Through her virtual private practice, Jenna helps women reclaim their hormones and digestive health with a multidisciplinary approach combining functional medicine, nutrition, and diagnostic lab testing in her results-driven Root Cause Program. Jenna is a firm believer that the right diet and lifestyle can put any hormonal condition into remission.

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